Specialty Pharmacy Sector Report

Specialty Pharmacy Sector Report

Specialty Pharmacy remains a sector with the potential for strong future growth as specialty pharmaceuticals become an ever increasing piece of the global healthcare puzzle. As a result of higher utilization owing to expanded indications and a strong pipeline, specialty pharmacy revenues are expected to grow rapidly over the next two decades.

Specialty pharmaceuticals are dominating development pipelines with sales predicted to grow at twice the rate of traditional products. This rapid development is expected to result in a global specialty drug spend in excess of $160 billion in 2013. The systems that create, harness, and deliver these high-touch pharmaceuticals, including manufacturers, payers, providers, and pharmacies in particular, are also in a state of rapid evolution.

Likewise, while traditional retail pharmacy margins continue to decline as cost pressures intensify; patient involvement in the healthcare process increases; and safety standards rise, specialty pharmacies (including retail specialty pharmacies, mail-order specialty pharmacies, and infusion specialty pharmacies) have positioned themselves as fast-growing, high-margin niche players in their competitive landscapes by expanding their business models to include a wide variety of value-added services.

The full report includes a detailed market overview, current market trends, headwinds and tailwinds facing specialty pharmacies,industry trading and transaction comps, recent deal profiles, and a collection of future growth drivers within the space.

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