Executive Team

Bill Taylor
Director of Legal Affairs

Bill Taylor is responsible for legal affairs at Bourne Partners. He also coordinates all contractual issues for the firm’s direct investment activities. He has extensive experience dealing with U.S. and non-U.S. attorneys involving domestic and international law issues, as well as in the protection of well-known trademarks and in transactional issues involving intellectual property rights. Bill has also established an active attorney network in more than forty countries relating to intellectual property, corporate law, labor law, and product distribution legal matters. Prior to joining Bourne Partners, he was actively engaged in the private practice of law in Kentucky from 1975 until joining King Pharmaceuticals International in 1999 as Director of International Legal Affairs. He is a member of the Kentucky Bar Association and a former member of the American Trial Lawyers Association.

When Bill is not in the office, he enjoys reading and spending time with his family and church. Both a former U.S. Army Officer and a Modern European History enthusiast, Bill considers himself a “people person” who is good at arbitrating conflict resolution between persons and/or companies.