Tanner Pharmaceuticals and The Max Foundation Continue Partnering to Increase Access to Anagrelide

The Max Foundation (Max) and Tanner Pharmaceuticals (Tanner) ( Bourne Partners Portfolio Company), in collaboration with local entities, announce the continuation of their collaboration to help patients in need of access to Anagrelide in Chile.

Since 2012, Tanner Pharmaceuticals (Tanner) and The Max Foundation (Max) have worked together to provide patients in Chile with access to Anagrelide, a drug used by people in treatment for cancer who may experience Essential Thrombocytopenia. This product is provided on a case by case basis and coordinated through The Max Foundation’s Global Helpline. These efforts are geared toward low-income patients in Chile who cannot afford the cost of the drug or the importation process.

Integral to the Anagrelide access solution is the participation from local partners including patient groups, prescribing physicians, distributors and the international pharmacy. In addition to the ongoing logistical support Tanner has provided for this access pathway over the last two years, in 2013 Tanner took on the role of donor, allocating supply of Anagrelide to Max for use in helping patients. These access solutions would not be possible without the generosity of companies like Tanner.

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